Space clearing is an ancient technique that helps to clear and revitalize energies in a space. Energies can over time become negative and heavily imprinted into surrounding furniture, decor,walls and other interior objects that we live or work around. Space clearing is a ritual found in almost every traditional or native culture. It works on deeper levels by cleansing and purifying the energy of a building, transforming stagnant energy into clear, vibrant, flowing energy.

Many people do them seasonally but you can do them anytime you feel it is needed in your space.

Space can be  subjected to geopathic stresses, negative energy radiations, and electrical discharges. Every thought, word and action has an energy and can lodge itself in the very fabric of your place of work, or home. Space clearing will remove the negative energies and an immediate change in the atmosphere will usually be felt.

Why does one person easily succeed, and why does one person seem to struggle? Why is one person happy about life, and eager about tomorrow, and another anxious about tomorrow no matter how much success he or she has? Is the problem in the world we can see  or in the unseen energies? The  power of focused, directed, coherent thoughts to change the expression of energy at its most basic quantum level.

Space clearing addresses:

EMF Radiation
Negative energies and motivations
Discordant energy held on others (neighbors, competitors etc)
Morphic fields/discordant memories
Blocking energies
Electrical discharges
Geopathic stress
Predecessor energies (vibrations left by others or previous owners)