he Seven Major Chakras are discs of energy and information that reside deep in the body. They act as receptors, assimilators and transmitters of life force energies. Our chakras, as core centers, form a vast and detailed coordinating network of the mind/body system. The information contained in thoughts and emotions, as well as actions and events, move through these energetic doorways into the body. There is a physiological response to the information that they receive.


In addition, the seven chakras are directly linked to the seven major glands of the endocrine system. The endocrine system regulates every physiological process that occurs in the body. The chakras, therefore, are the direct link between thoughts/emotions and their effect on our biology. Chakra Balancing brings balance, harmony and clarity to the chakras.


Benefits of Chakra Balancing may include:


Living more fully in your truth

Renewed or re-defined life direction

Removal of blocks and obstacles

Opening to deeper intimacy with others

Stronger sense of self and self-esteem

Reduced Anxiety

Deeper connection to Spirit and innate Inner Wisdom

Improves quality of choice and decision making

Energizes the body and restores vitality

Fosters a Feeling a well-being and peace of mind

Stress Relief

Improves Mindfulness

Decreases blood pressure and other tension related disorders

Help with sexual issues

Overall balance (which may improve anything from career to inter-personal relationships)