The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® allows Karina to instantly see your body’s physical health and access the hidden and forgotten emotional and mental attributes–making the connection of the body, mind and spirit.

By gaining this type of feedback of your colour traits Karina translates and correlating these energies to the whole of the person.

The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® hand sensor has 143 biomedical sensors, scanning is done through 49 reflex zones. The measuring is in real-time, giving an accurate assessment of the state of health of the whole body. The Biopulsar system surpasses the amount of measuring stations that most other biofeedback devices have! (Most systems only have 1-3 sensors!)

This type of “feedback” provides Karina  with a new, perceptible awareness of different body/mind processes, which extend beyond a human’s “normal” five senses. In short, the Biopulsar gives, both the practitioner and her/his patient, an instant reflection of the health of 43 body parts and patient’s physiological functions that normally are unavailable to her/his conscious mind. The Biopulsar facilitates the process of learning on a deeper level by using the body knowledge together with colour, biofield and chakra information. It helps the client gain a better understanding of how s/he interacts with her/his environment and in various situations.

Karina will be able to see the areas in the body that are underactive and overactive. By discussing with you how they are using their energy, it enables Karina to make recommendations to reprogram thoughts and possible negative emotions into a more positive thought energy or reconstructed energy flow.