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We are all wired to be free, and we all strive to express that freedom. A free mind is a creative mind, and a creative mind is a peaceful mind. A peaceful mind is a compassionate mind. A compassionate mind is the foundation.

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I found the space clearing to be very relaxing. There was a definite change in every room after we had gone through. It was amazing watching Karina make the grid and how it was worked through each room. I found the Energy was a lot lighter and flowed better. I can see how tensions or stress people bring in with need to be cleared more often. Thank you for coming into my home.

It was lovely to meet you yesterday; thank you for doing my biofield analysis at the New Earth Expo in Edmonton. I was amazed and intrigued by the information that you were describing to me about my energy field.

I can’t wait to meet with you to work with you and how I can clear my energy blocks.


Dear Karina
Just a note of thanks to you. I am truly astonished as to just how different this space feels, and is, since the space clearing. Not to mention just how astute and sensitive you were , all was amazing. It was wonderful to meet you, and you have turned around a somewhat intolerable situation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Helen, Calgary

I found it to be the most profound experience…I raved about it for weeks. It was only one session however it was incredible how I went from feeling disassociated to being very present in my body.Thank you for the session with you. I definitely feel that something has shifted and I feel better for it. So thank you until the next time we meet.

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